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We live in the world today which is dominated by electronic communication and data handling. The vast majority of business communications, transactions and company data is created, transferred and stored in electronic format using a myriad of modern electronic devices.  Distributed  network architectures and portable devices such as Mobile phones, PDA’s, USB sticks and the like have all allowed businesses to operate on a more global basis, but they have also assisted the wrongdoer in making information more accessible and transferable.
Evidential Systems offers a comprehensive service ranging from data security, hacker intrusion to forensic recovery.

Forensic Readiness and Incident Handling procedures are a necessity, not only in major corporations, but also in all businesses. We can offer advice and consultancy tailored to your data security needs as well as the more common forensic recovery services.

We can generate user friendly, but comprehensive, reports outlining the nature of any incident thus allowing you to decide on the on the best course of resolution.

In addition we offer training to Advocates and Solicitors in the technologies used in the commission of both civil and criminal breaches, we are actively involved in preparing and delivering post-graduate inputs at a number of Scottish Universities and are active in promoting business awareness via a number of corporate security bodies.

Remember initial assistance and advice is only a phone call or e-mail away and all calls communications are treated in confidence.


Also we can point you towards some of the latest thoughts in the world of computer forensics:

Author: Costa Kypre
Publication: Risk & Regulation IT August 19, 2009

The current economic climate has brought to the front the latest innovations in technology and many of these can reduce the time and cost for managing a pending litigation or internal investigation. Read more..

Author: Lucy Trevelyan
Publication: Law Society Gazette July 2, 2009
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Computer Forensics: Data Fraud, the Internal Threat

Author: Robert Weston
Publication: U. K. Electronic Evidence Newsletter Issue 1 Volume 2 September 2004


Computer Forensics: Landmines to Avoid

Author: Adrian T.N. Palmer
Publication: U.K. Electronic Evidence Newsletter Issue 1 Volume 3 December 2004

Computer Forensics

Is someone stealing your valuable data ?

Is someone compromising your data infrastructure ?

Is there a civil or criminal breach of legality. How do you find out ?

And how do you recover the evidence required ?

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